• Animal Assisted Therapy

    Animal Assisted Therapy

    For years experts in the medical field have observed substantial benefits from animal interaction with patients in a variety of settings.  A few of the observed benefits include decrease in anxiety, improvement in mood, quicker recovery from illness, loss and life stressors. 

    We have continued to witness a measurably improved response to treatment as a result of animal assisted therapy.  Patients that were once apprehensive or averse to treatment have become relaxed and engaged during sessions.  Teens that were once opposed to attending sessions or refused to interact during sessions have become engaged through animal assisted therapy.  Children suddenly become relaxed and interactive allowing for increased success in treatment. 

    Our therapy dogs have been specially trained to interact with patients in a variety of approaches.  They have served as security blankets, they have been assigned "stressors and /or mood issues" that have required assistance from our patients to resolve, they have improved self-esteem, taught responsibility, decreased sensory issues, and have created a welcoming atmosphere.