• Aida Redondo, LMFT

    Aida Redondo, LMFT

    Congratulations for taking the first steps towards balance and well being.  I specialize in helping people with difficult transitions, anxiety, depression, grieving, trauma, and dissociation. By utilizing active listening, compassion, and kindness, I create a safe environment.  When one feels safe, they are comfortable with sharing their story without fear of judgement.

    I utilize an eclectic approach to treatment.  I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoeducation, Dialectical behavioral therapy, body integration and alignment and solutions focused approaches.  My goal is to teach skills to alter life perceptions and behaviors, regulate emotions, socialization, and coping skills necessary to achieve total health.

    I have practiced for over 30 years in the field of Mental Health.  I have earned two Master’s degrees. One is Social Anthropology/Sociology and the other in Human Development/ Marriage and Family Therapy.  My education and experience allow me to utilize a broad spectrum of theories and clinical approaches.  I am dedicated to studying the most up to date research in neuroscience.  I enjoy learning from the works of Bessel Val Der Kohl, Janina Fisher, and Ogden.  Ogden’s theory on Sensory for Psychosomatic Disorders is very useful in the treatment of trauma.

    I offer therapy in the following languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese