• Amy Rose, LCSW

    Amy Rose, LCSW

    My Philosophy of Helping

    Welcome! My name is Amy Rose and I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years of experience helping clients to navigate through life’s transitions and challenges, and connect with the resources they need (both inside and outside of them). I also love writing, baking and spending time in nature – which gives me a lot of peace and inspiration. I know it can feel scary to reach out to complete stranger and share the pain you might be experiencing, so I want you to know that I regard therapy as a sacred process between you and me, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to walk with you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.

    If we work together, I would like to help you:

    • Feel better about who you are and what you are capable of.
    • Discover the hidden resources and strengths inside of you.
    • Understand how trauma and stress impacts your brain and daily functioning.
    • Feel more optimistic about the future and your ability to influence it.
    • Learn coping skills that can help you manage your emotions so that you feel capable of soothing yourself when you are feeling upset and stressed.

    More Information About My Therapeutic Approach

    I earned my master’s degree in social work from Tulane University in New Orleans and I’m a certified Gestalt therapist. I like to use a holistic approach in my work with clients, which means I value the connection between our mind, body and spirit, and believe it can be helpful to incorporate any spiritual beliefs that you have into our work together (if you are interested in that) and I respect all religious beliefs and practices.

    I offer individual, couples, family and group therapy and have expertise in trauma, grief and loss, anxiety and depression, abuse, anger management, eating disorders, substance abuse, career counseling, transgender and LGBTQIA+ issues.

    I take an eclectic approach and incorporate different aspects of Gestalt Therapy, IFS, CBT, Mindfulness, Hypnosis, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Creative Visualization into my practice.

    Why Going To Therapy Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak Are Flawed.

    I believe healthy people go to therapy! If you fell and hurt your knee or shoulder and were in physical pain, you probably wouldn’t think you were weak or flawed to have physical therapy, because it would help you heal and get back to living your life! I think the same is true if you are experiencing emotional pain, psychotherapy can help you heal so that you can get back to living your life with more happiness, hope and wellbeing.

    I think the process of therapy is like going on an archaeological dig, where we look for buried treasure and discover hidden resources inside of you that can bring you insight, healing, and relief from the pain and discomfort you may be feeling. Together we can explore your patterns of thinking and interacting that may be preventing you from getting your needs met, so that you feel more capable and confident and are able to enjoy your life.