• Joan Fuller, LMHC

    Joan Fuller, LMHC

    The thought of therapy can be overwhelming for anyone. Often when we feel “stuck”, whether in life, relationships or at work, we don’t know where to turn for solutions to issues we are dealing with. Talking to friends and/or family can be helpful, but a therapist offers a non judgemental way to help guide you to solutions that are based on your values, insights and knowledge of your situation.

    Going to therapy doesn’t mean you are weak or flawed. Quite the contrary, it’s shows a determination and bravery to feel better and to find solutions to issues you are dealing with. A therapist helps with this by guiding you to gain insight into how to deal with and heal what feels “stuck”. Therapy gives you the tools to learn more about yourself so you can be resourceful and resilient in the future. It helps you make positive changes to live a more authentic, balanced life.

    I work with both men and women on a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, life Transitions, grief and loss or work related stress. I consider it an honor and privilege to work with you and learn your unique story. I use several therapy styles-cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy and motivational interviewing but approach my work from a humanistic lens. This means I meet you where you are at. Therapy is, after all, about you.