• John Mann, LCSW

    John Mann, LCSW

    Hello, my name is John Mann and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1980. I have experience working with mental health, adjustment disorders, relationship dynamics, self esteem, anxiety, depression, life change, trauma and substance abuse issues with young adults, adults and older adults.  My philosophy in helping has always focused on the person and the fostering of a relationship.

    The establishment; cultivation; and the examination of the therapeutic relationship is key to both understanding how people get stuck in their lives, and how they can move on in the direction they want their lives to flow. I do not believe that people are “broken”, needing to be fixed by a professional.  Rather, I believe that more often than not, people are simply stuck or preoccupied with unworkable; non-productive, or self-limiting ways of thinking, behaving; and/ or feeling.  Sometimes people have a family history and pre-disposition of depression, anxiety, mood disorders, etc.  These processes and pre-dispositions can limit your ability to be fully present or engaged in the here and now and may require a multi-faceted approach.   We can all struggle with things like d

    epression/anxiety/worry/resentment/anger/ and/or self consciousness/ self-doubt. Often simply figuring out, what the obstacles are, who they are as a person, where they want to be, and how to get there is extremely productive.  During each individual’s journey, the development of coping skills is critical.  Sometimes referrals to support groups, 12 step groups or to a psychiatrist for medication evaluation is discussed and included in the overall plan towards reaching ones goals.