• Pamela Meyers, LCSW

    Pamela Meyers, LCSW


    As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have been providing therapy for clients for over 15 years. I have worked with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and individuals navigating the criminal justice system. Most recently I have worked with Veterans and their family members. I have a military background and served in Afghanistan from 2008-2010.1 work with clients of all races, ethnicity, culture and sexual orientation. Life is challenging without a doubt and everyone could benefit from help at some point. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help but our journey is smoother if we seek help and guidance when we need it. You are to be applauded for seeking to work through the challenges you face to make a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

    My Philosophy to Helping:

    No problem is too great or small. My approach is client centered and client focused. I am there to assist you navigate any challenges you are facing. It is critical that a therapist seek to understand a clients’ background and belief system as it relates to their race ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender; in essence any and all the important elements that make up an individuals’ culture or identity. I have had the privilege of living in numerous countries to include Iran, Afghanistan, England and Israel and am very attuned to individual needs and cultural differences. I recall the words of an older Afghan man I met who had faced tremendous challenges throughout his life. He told me, “there is always a path over the mountain”. As your therapist, I will provide the support and guidance you need to find “your path over the mountain”, with an approach tailored to fit your individual needs.

    More Info About My Therapeutic Approach:

    We will work together to address your concerns to include Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression Grief and Loss, Abuse Recovery, Transitions, Job stress, and Codependency. My approach is to view a client not as a diagnosis but as an individual with tremendous potential. I find a flexible approach to the therapeutic process is very beneficial for clients. I favor an integrative approach utilizing a range of proven methods such as CBT, CPT and DBT to determine the best combination of therapeutic tools tailored to meet the individual needs of clients. I would consider it a privilege to work with you to achieve your goals. Together we will work to achieve your goals to live your best life.

    Why Going to Therapy Does Not Mean You are Weak or Flawed:

    Nothing could be further than the truth. Seeking therapy reflects individual strength and courage. It takes great courage to recognize and pursue help when needed. Life poses a myriad of challenges. Seeking therapy is not a sign of weakness but instead a courageous acknowledgment that help is needed. Without help often negative generational patterns are continued. Pursuing therapy is a reflection that you have the courage, commitment and desire to improve your life which will also have a very positive impact on your family and those you care about.