• Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing sessions utilize the convenience of attending sessions from any location while accessing a secure encrypted server to protect privacy and confidentiality. (Due to the pandemic, we are using multiple platforms currently allowed by relaxed HIPPA rules) Sessions are live, real time meetings allowing the patient and therapist to see and hear each other just like an in office visit. At this time we are only offering tele-health visits (video or telephone) These services are covered by most insurances. Anyone can benefit from this service particularly college students, snowbirds, employees who need to travel frequently for their job and individuals struggling with transportation or medical issues. With video conferencing we are not limited by geographical distance! Virtually anyone can access the quality mental health services that we provide.

    Currently most all health insurances are covering tele-health services including video sessions and telephone sessions.

    ​Frequently asked questions:

    All you have to do is contact us by phone or e-mail to obtain a new patient packet. After you have completed and returned the packet, we will schedule an appointment for you to start sessions.
    No, we have purchased the software and will send you an invitation to your session via email that will contain a link with easy directions.
    All you need is a mobile device, phone or computer that has a web camera. Many laptops or desktops are already equipped with a web camera and microphone. If your computer is not equipped with a web camera or microphone, you can purchase them at a local office supply store at a very low cost.
    Our current experience has been that most all medical insurance does cover video conferencing and telephone sessions.
    Telephone visits are scheduled by contacting the office. At the time of your appointment, your therapist will phone you.