• Guided Imagery

    Guided Imagery

    Guided Imagery is an effective approach for the treatment of anxiety, phobias, trauma and physical illness. Guided imagery is developed with the individual in mind including personalizing the actual imagery and goal. Each patient is provided a personalized experience which includes a recording of the session which allows the individual to utilize this approach in the comfort of their home.

    Guided imagery involves the clinician verbally creating a detailed visual meditation that allows the patient to visualize themselves in a relaxing/soothing location/scenerio or successfully overcome a barrier. Guided imagery utilizes fine details in order for the individual to exprience a visual journey.

    Guided imagery or visualization can actually train the brain to respond to specific cues and learn how to relax through creating a “memory”. Studies have shown that guided imagery and visualization can actually create a psuedo memory in the brain thus tricking the brain into believing that it has experienced a psysiological or psychological event in the past. This creates a feeling of confidence or an ability to recreate the event. For example, if someone has to speak publically and he or she visualizes themselves being relaxed and successfully delivering their message, they will have an experience of “remembering” having done the speach even though they did not actually do the speach. Another example is if someone utilizes guided imagery to relax, the brain creates a memory or experience of relaxation and learns to recreate that feeling.